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Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Currently Unavailable- Will resume in October 

Enjoy and learn about Gongfu Tea Ceremony

The gongfu tea ceremony is a traditional Chinese tea-making ritual that originated from Fujian's tea preparation practices. Scholars debate the tea ceremony's exact origins, with some attributing it to the production of oolong tea in Wuyi, Fujian, and others to the tea culture of Chaozhou in Guangdong's Chaoshan area. The term "gongfu" translates to "making tea with skill," and the ceremony involves using smaller brewing vessels and a higher leaf-to-water ratio than in western-style brewing. Today, tea connoisseurs popularly use the approach to maximize the taste of fine tea selections.

At Curator Coffee, we offer a unique Gongfu tea ceremony experience that is available in our shop by appointment only. We curate this experience using high-quality oolong tea grown in Taiwan.

Make an appointment with us! 

Email us:

Subject line "Tea ceremony appointment"

Please include a couples of your preferred dates and time for the ceremony. 

Policies of our tea ceremony:

1) Each appointment need to be paid in advance and it is non-refundable. ($25 for two person)
2) Each ceremony fee includes demonstration, tea leaf, and tea ceremony dessert.

3) Please schedule the appointment one week in advance, so we can schedule the tea dessert delivery. 

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