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About Curator Coffee


Our Mission

Our mission is to research and develop the best method to brew specific beans from local coffee roasters and organize, present and communicate messages from artists' creations to our visitors. 

Our Values

In curator coffee we have 4 main values: Coffee, People, Art and Creativity. 

Coffee: We curate freshly roasted coffee beans from a variety of San Antonio coffee roasters. Each bean we curate in the shop has been through our cupping process to ensure the best brewing method is provided to our customers. In addition, we provide 4 coffee brewing methods and two type of coffee filters for you to choose from to produce the exact cup of coffee that will satisfy your taste buds. 

People: We value the individuality of each person and welcome people from any background. We welcome groups to use our space for their meet-ups and board games would be provided in our shop as well. 

Art: Curator Coffee is owned and operated by a female ceramic artist, who is also a member of the San Antonio Potter Guild. Therefore, Art is a big factor that drives Curator Coffee. We will be curating ceramic art and paintings throughout each season for our visitors. 

Creativity: Curator Coffee values creativity from our baristas, artists and visitors. With our creativity, we curate different specialty lattes each month and variety of ceramic events for our coffee drinkers to get creative. 

Our Logo 

Our logo represents the power of weaving our values together to build a strong art and coffee community. 

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