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When I first met Yuli I knew her as a potter. I later learned she had a career in the finance industry, but you couldn’t tell - her heart showed she was an artist. In addition, Yuli has always talked about her treasured experiences of visiting coffee bean farms in Costa Rica with the University of Texas at San Antonio-Investment Society. That specific experience drove her to visit more coffee bean farms in different parts of the world. During our travels together, we always “have to go to this coffee shop”. Our tastes buds for coffee grew together although, admittedly, hers are significantly more precise than mine. While I simply let out a grunt of affirmation upon drinking a good cup of coffee, Yuli can explain tastes that I wasn’t even aware of. 


Over the years, Yuli became more and more interested in working as a barista, despite the fact the career change would leave her less financially stable. After a lot of thought, at the end of 2019 she decided it was time to pursue her dreams. She resigned as an analyst in the beginning of 2020, and we started the journey together. Within a few months she obtained a barista certification from the San Antonio Barista Academy and started to get some working experience as a barista.  


After studying through several books about coffee, we purchased a brand new La Marzocco espresso machine, coffee bean grinder, and many other professional coffee tools. In place of a single cup of coffee in the morning, we now get a cup for the morning, brunch, lunch, snack time, dinner, and midnight special! 


Yuli’s passion for coffee and art, and sharing it with others, are what drives her to work hard every day. She has always had the goal to create a unique shop that sales both good coffee and ceramic art. She has told me many times that “a vessel for coffee is more than a simple cup; it is a statement, a lifestyle, and a story”. With her passion and some of my handiwork, Curator Coffee was born. 

Our Coffee Bean

Yuli and I visited several local coffee roasters, and we picked a coffee bean we both enjoyed to become the house blend. However, we also believe that we should serve various types of coffee beans as the seasons change to best capture the season through our coffee. Therefore, we purchase beans from different local roasters to match the seasons or an occasion. As a barista, Yuli’s goal is to bring out the best taste of the coffee while matching the customer’s lifestyle and story.

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