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 The Curator Coffee story 

Our Story

Curator Coffee started in 2020 as a pop-up coffee cart. The solo founder, Yuli Chang, is also a female ceramic artist who has always had a vision to create a unique shop that sells both great coffee and ceramic art. With the encouragement from her life partner Zach, she decided to leave her stable, corporate job and sell her house to create the foundation of the business.

Yuli started her barista journey at San Antonio Barista Academy. Later on, she worked at local restaurants and coffee shops to obtain the skills she would need to fulfill her dream.

Yuli was fortunate to have the opportunity to pop-up at several local establishments - such as Rainbow Garden, Honest Soul Yoga, and Grave Avenue Church - to start off the business. Yuli’s passion for coffee and art, and sharing it with others, are what drives her to work hard every day.

Our Coffee Bean

We believe that we should serve various types of coffee beans as the seasons change to best capture the season through our coffee. Therefore, we curate beans from different local roasters to match the seasons or an occasion. As a barista, Yuli’s goal is to bring out the best taste of the coffee while matching the customer’s lifestyle and story.

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