Tethys | Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Tethys | Pour-Over Coffee Maker


Background story of "Tethys": 

Tethys is the titaness of fresh-water, and the mother of the rivers, springs, streams, fountains, and clouds in Greek mythology. The combination of light blue and green represents the gorwing of watergrass inside the river and streams. The smooth surface create a faster water flow while brewing the coffee, which create a cleaner and a lighter coffee body. The lighter coffee body create the vibes  of  fresh river and streams from the mountain to the coffee drinker. All elements in this set resonate the spirite of Tethys. 


Product detail: 

  • Bee Mix clay in cone 5 firing
  • Food safe and lead free
  • Coffee Maker: 3.6" wide x 2.8" Tall 
  • Wheel thrown and hand trimed 
  • Made by the ceramic artist Yuli Chang
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