Cinnabar | Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Cinnabar | Pour-Over Coffee Maker


Background story of "Cinnabar": 

Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide that occurs exclusively in areas of high-temperature mineralization. The color of this set resonates the name "Cinnabar". The hand carving design inside the pour over vase serves both the function of slowing down the water flow while brewing the coffee and resonates the magnificent process of how Cinnabar was formed in the earth. 


Product detail: 

  • Bee Mix clay in cone 5 firing
  • Food safe and lead free
  • Coffee Maker: 3.6" wide x 2.8" Tall 
  • Mug: 3.3" Tall- 3.4" wide at the top
  • Wheel thrown + hand carved design
  • Made by the ceramic artist Yuli Chang